Your Environment Always Wins

Change, why is a change so hard. Let’s use the idea of changing to a healthy lifestyle. We make a decision. We start on the road to changing our lifestyle to become more healthy. For a time, maybe even a long time we have the willpower to keep on this path. Then eventually we return to our old pattern and habits. In coaching, we have a mantra, “The environment always wins.”

Many environments make up the world we have made. One, our memetic environment is made up of ideas and perspectives we have because of culture, people we associate with, what we listen to, watch, and read. Other parts of our environment could be a part of this but we will stay on this one today.

Ok back to the healthy lifestyle change, maybe just working out a few times a week. So we set off starting up a workout plan. It goes well for a season then we find ourselves back in the same pattern we were in before. Working against a memetic environment, one in which you see yourself as a person who does not work out that much or at all. How long will your willpower succeed against this? Long term change requires an environmental change. In a way, you can mentally design and change what you see as you. Coaching opens up your perspective. You start seeing yourself as a person who works out. Changing your memetic environment will draw you toward being a person who wants to work out.

Now talking about coaching and experiencing it are two very different things. I want to give you an opportunity without any commitment to experience coaching. Till the end of October, I want to help the first ten people who contact me to start on this journey. I am offering two complimentary coaching sessions. We will coach around designing a supportive environment.

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