1. Not aligned with Core Values
  2. Fixed Mindset
  3. Blind Spots
  4. Social Fears
  5. Lack of Clarity
  6. Poor Environment 

First Roadblock, not being aligned with your authentic core values.  Dictionary.com: Value a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.  When you can align with, make decisions, prioritize, and focus with your authentic core values you can lead your business, being authentic and fulfilled.  Honoring or aligning with the wrong values can create an internal conflict.  This will cause resistance lowering your ability to play all-in with your business and leadership.  Your creativity is lowered.

“If you don’t get clear about your personal values, you will always be living in reaction to the value-based choices of the people around you. Either their values will shape your life, or your reactivity to their choices will. Neither of those is a life-giving, motivating, or dream-building way to live. God didn’t design you to live in constant reaction to others.” Marc Alan Schelske

Authentic Core Value (ACV)

First, a couple of ways that using your authentic core values can affect your business or life.  Secondly, cover a couple of ways to discover your ACVs.  Last part of the post is my own personal story of honoring a shadow of my own ACV that has cost me thousands over the years financially and strains within some relationships.

Two ways honoring your own core values will help you immensely.

  1. Decisions Making
  2. Ownership


Not honoring or living out your own authentic core values can hold you back.  The way you run your business and especially the way you make decisions will be affected.  How do you make decisions when you are the business owner?  Do you react to other people’s values and make decisions that do not fit you? Do you know your true ACVs and make decisions responding to them?

In business, you are bombarded daily with decisions to make. There are so many good options you could decide from.  What is the best option?  When you make decisions based on other’s values you usually react to them.  Knowing your own ACVs helps you respond and pick those decisions that are great for you.  This allows you to sweep away all the good things vying for your attention and focus on the great ones that fit you.  The decisions you make running through your own ACVs filter will result in actions you can be happy with.  This helps you prioritize your day aligning with your ACVs.  Aligning with your own ACVs, you more naturally attract what your heart desires.


The ownership referred to here, is mental ownership.  When you honor your ACVs you can be a lot clearer of how things will work and come together.  When you are not living out your ACVs you have an internal conflict.  This blurs your clarity in the direction you should go.  Decreased clarity lowers your creativity.  It is hard to be all-in or sell out to a plan of action you are not clear on.

Filtering your decision process with your ACVs, you can then take ownership and feel naturally fulfilled.   First, you have to have clarity of your values in order to be fully engaged and take ownership.  When you honor your own ACVs it is much more clear how to proceed.

Authentic Core Value Discovery

My favorite way to discover authentic core values is using storyboarding.   Use large pieces of construction paper or a large whiteboard.  Layout a timeline of your life from the earliest memories you have till now.  Break it up into 5-10 year increments.  Think about what you were like at each segment of time. What core values would describe you during that time.  Make note of any big decisions you made or turning points in your life.  Think about why you did what you did.  The more emotionally charged the decisions or actions were, the closer they are to your ACVs.  Remembering things tied to emotion is easier.  Leave this up for weeks, adding to it as you recall events or actions in your life. As you think through who you were being in each increment of your life, ask yourself, what value was I honoring?

Another common approach is to look at a list of core values (around 100 in number) and write down ones that resonate with you. You then group them into 4-5 categories, which the values are similar, and pick the one from each category that best fits you. These 4-5 values will be a great start.

A great book for this process is “Discovering Your Authentic Core Values” by Marc Alan Schelske.

Another aspect of this process Marc Schelske explains is values that you may honor which seem negative or ones you wished you did not possess in certain situations.  There is another side to these values which better represents who you authentically are.  I learned through this process I have honored what seemed to be a weakness to me.  One of my core values is peace.  Not understanding this for a long time, I always felt like it was a need for people to like me.  Honoring needing people to like you can result in issues with relationships or wrestling with hard decisions in business.  Honoring the value of peace which I have come to understand as belonging without conflict.  This allows me to have boundaries, make hard decisions and still create a community for others.

By discovering your authentic core values you can respond to others around you rather than react to their values.  You will sweep away the good stuff you could pick from for your life and prioritize on the great stuff.  Decisions for your business and life will become clear.   It will become your true NORTH.

What are your 4-5 authentic core values?

The next roadblock to business success that will be covered: a fixed mindset, and how to develop a growth mindset!