One primary purpose of using a coach is to navigate change.  We all have something in our life we would like to change.  Maybe it’s is as simple as not eating snacks after 8 PM or losing 5 pounds.  Maybe bigger changes like applying for new job, start new career, start new business, change how we communicate with our family, or figure out living with purpose in second half of life.  They are all worth while goals.  Why do we fail so much of the time?

I just finished reading a book by Sean Young, PhD (2017) “Stick With It: A scientifically proven process for changing your life-for good” New York, NY: HarperCollins.  This is a fantastic book to learn the behavioral science behind making lasting change.

Dr Young breaks it down into 7 major forces he calls them within the acronym of SCIENCE.  He explains the steps:

  1. Stepladders -small steps, really tiny small steps
  2. Community-make the change with others
  3. Important-it has to be important to you.
  4. Easy- make it easy to make changes.
  5. Neurohacks- change your actions your brain will follow.
  6. Captivating-make it so you want to keep doing it.
  7. Engrained-make it routine.

Change is possible if we follow those steps.  Many of us want to change something in our life.  Obviously we have to make a conscious effort to change something.  One of the first steps in change is finding clarity in what you want to change.  We must be clear in our minds how or why we will do something before we can take ownership of it.  What do I mean take ownership of it? Lets use the example of a child doing some chores at home say taking out garbage.  The child can be committed to taking out garbage because of a promised allowance. Now they do it long enough and get committed to making sure it gets done.  Then eventually they can take ownership.  They make sure it gets done, period. The chore belongs to them, they own it. So, in order to make changes you need to be really clear what you want to change and why you want to change.

There is something clarifying about talking out loud with someone listening.  When we get clear we can see our next steps.  Maybe the change you want to make seems impossible.  We have trouble getting out of our own way.  Our own perspectives or vantage points make us feel like it is hopeless.   It does seem impossible unless we gain clarity and utilize steps to make those changes.  Who knows maybe you can start that change!