Working with entrepreneurs, parents, and most coaching clients we run into this phenomenon. What exactly do I mean by leadership is taken not given.

It goes a lot like this; Someone is hired or promoted to be a leader in an office setting, workgroup, or organization and they just never take on and perform as a leader.

This process may go on for months and maybe even years. They tell us “I try to give them leadership roles, they just don’t take them”. People put into the right environment can grow and flourish. It will be in their own time. No one can take on leadership until they have clarity about their role and see themselves in that role. They then take ownership. Be patient allowing leaders to grow into that role. The truth is some will never take on that leadership.

You will know when you found a leader when others start looking up to that person instead of you. They are taking leadership. At times a leader who has someone in their organization who takes leadership starts to feel almost resentful or jealous. There is the growth needed on both ends. If someone is taking on leadership within the guidelines of your business, family, or organization praise God for them. As an organization or business grow new leaders are needed or it will be plateaued. Many times the ones who take leadership may not on the surface appear to have that gift. Learn to listen to your intuition, look for gifts and talents. Allow leadership to be taken from you at the right time. Most of all don’t frustrate yourself trying for too long to give someone leadership they have no desire to own.

Most of the time we all have blind spots in our leadership. Coaching is of huge value when you feel like you can never get people to take on leadership. Just maybe, you are trying to give the leadership and resisting others from taking it.