Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching 

I provide one-on-one coaching biweekly and monthly.  30-to-60-minute sessions. Almost 90% of all my individual coaching session are done over Zoom.

What can you expect? Each session is confidential, safe, in the absence of judgement or shame.

  • Focus on what matters most.
  • Clear Vision.
  • Environment of Self-Discovery and Purpose
  • Defined Mission
  • Support and Accountability
  • Development of a Plan, Action Steps, and Goals.
  • Truth
  • Personal Growth Plan
  • Skillful Listening
  • Masterful questions

Want to experience before you decide? Text 402-432-2470 or email and request a complimentary discovery session (approx. 20 to 30 min on zoom) with Coach Lori.

Coaching Fees

Each 30min session – $100

Each 60min session – $200

I never pressure anyone to sign up. This discovery session is to determine a good partnership. The Discovery process is not to sell anyone.

Start a conversation today!