Individual Coaching

We provide 1 on 1 Personal Coaching and Group Coaching for:personal development word cloud 

  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Sales Reps
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • People in Transition (Changing careers or Retiring)
  • Individuals along a new or up-graded Career Path
  • Young Professionals just getting started
  • High School grads looking for direction
  • Individuals Stuck or Feeling Burned Out


What we deliver to our clients differs from what many coaches and franchised coaching or consulting companies offer. 

We are proud to present our clients with the following services: 

• We focus on you and who you are becoming VS. what you are accomplishing. While coaching you on your Big Game, your Goals and Game Plan, our first priority is always YOU becoming a Champion Player  by your own definition, so it is full of meaning and value to you.
• Our players learn to create environments that invite and pull them forward (VS. push,) turning work into PLAY.
• Our players learn how to Practice. This life tool applies to every goal we will ever have, and is a real shift in thinking that removes the “should’s” and guilt. What could be better than that?
• Our players “Play Better and Bigger.”


If you build the person first and then design a winning environment that supports who the person wants to become, this winning formula that will sustain you for life.

One-to-One, or Individual Coaching, is performed over the phone or video conferencing and is tailored just for you. Your Personal Coach will work with you to spotlight the potential strengths that you have but are not using. This allows you to become masterfully balanced and pay attention to all of your strengths.

Group coaching is used when we have a small group exploring the same path in life.  Group coaching is done with video conferencing.   

Just like before any big game, where the players practice with their Coach’s guidance, we design practice sessions that build you up to handle anything while playing out your Big Game.

Are you ready to put YOUR Goal into the context of a Winning Game Plan?

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