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Hi, I’m Coach Lori and it’s awesome to meet you!

Before I tell you about my background, certifications, and experience, let me tell you about who I am.

Personal Wins

  • I am honest, trusting, and trustworthy. As a professional coach, the things we discuss about your dreams and goals remain private.
  • I too am not perfect and am open to criticism.
  • I am passionate about what I do and use the talents provided by God to the fullest each day.
  • I’m a champion not because everything has come easy, but because I’ve gotten up more times than I’ve fallen down.
  • I’ll take a risk and play even when I’m afraid. I believe courage is what I use in the face of fear; without fear there would be no courage. I allow fear to be there and conquer it with courage.
  • I have stepped up in leadership whenever I saw the opportunity.

Professional Wins

  • I am a Professionally Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.
  • I am a graduate of an international school for coaches called CoachVille.
  • I obtained a certificate of Sales Excellence in Strategic Selling from Miller Heiman.
  • I am a member, past President, and past Area Director for BNI, Business Networking International of the Heartland.
  • I have served on the board of ASTD for professional training.
  • I have been a Teammate mentor for 4 years
  • I have over 10,000 coaching hours and have helped business owners close several million dollars in sales last year.

A History of Winning

Before becoming a coach, I have 8 years of Business Wins I think you will be interesting in hearing. Having run a profitable retail department with a continuous monthly increase in volume, I was part of a successful team effort in taking the Customer Service Department from the third lowest gallop ranking (76 stores) to #1 in the District and Region. In addition, I served as Head of Personnel for a store start up: hiring, orienting, and overseeing all training for over 400 associates. 

For 5 years I served at the District level:

  • Coordinating and streamlining monthly District Meetings between the District Manager, Store Managers, and Venders
  • Trading and Untrading stores for Merchandise
  • Streamling and handling customer issues between stores, DM, and customers to come up with positive solutions while keeping the customer coming back.
  • Working with Profit and Loss statements monthly providing pertinent information for District Manager, Store Manages, and Regional VP
  • Rolling up projections and budgets for District Manger and Regional VP
  • Overseeing Company Dash Board and collaborating with Store Managers to keep our District as top dog in the Region
  • Organizing all store Audits and serving as communication and audits for all personnel offices in our District.
  • Successfully running three Women Diversity Conferences

As you can see, I have become a Champion of my own life and want to help you become a Champion of yours! Why not now?

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