Learning and Teaching are my passions. I have wins in my life. Knowing Christ as my Savior is at the top. I have been married over 42 years to my best friend. We have 5 kids 13 grand-kids and one great grand child. I have been in healthcare 38 years as a practicing chiropractor. I have a BS, DC, a MBA, and of course professional coach training. My education and life experiences bring value to the coaching relationship.

Have you ever had anyone really listen to you? I mean hear what is in your heart, what your passion is. Listening to my clients with no judgment giving them a safe space to transform.  Great things happen when a client gets their thoughts out of their head and on a metaphorical table where they can have clarity.

My goal with each client is helping them achieve their hearts desire.    Yes accountability is involved(maybe 5% of what we do); personal evolution, who you are being is our ultimate goal.  What potential does God see in you?

Does your life resonate with you?

Business and Life

  • Start or build that business idea!
  • Discover your true purpose!
  • Help you honor that dream you have left smoldering!
  • Struggling with Transition (change, health, retirement)
  • Beginning a path to healthy fulfilled life

Our first encounter will be complimentary.  We can use a discovery session to determine if we are a good fit.  We will also use this time to make sure you are aware of what all the logistics are, but most importantly what coaching can do to help you realize your vision.

Don’t just trudge through life, have joy, passion, and health on your path!

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