Learning and Teaching are my passions. I have wins in my life. Knowing Christ as my Savior is at the top. I have been married over 39 years to my best friend. We have 5 kids 12 grand-kids and one great grand child. I have been in healthcare 35 years as a practicing chiropractor. I have a BS, DC, a MBA, and of course professional coach training. My education and life experiences bring value to the coaching relationship.

Have you ever had anyone really listen to you? I mean hear what is in your heart, what your passion is. Listening to my clients with no judgment giving them a safe space to transform.

My goal with each client is the best you a transformed you.    Yes accountability is involved(maybe 5% of what we do); personal evolution, who you are being is our ultimate goal.  What potential does God see in you?

Does your life and career resonate with you?

Business and Transition

  • Start or build that business idea
  • Discover your true passion and perfect fit for your career
  • Help you honor that dream you have left smoldering
  • Struggling with Transition (career burnout, change, retirement)

Our first encounter will be complimentary.  It begins by taking a snap shot of how you think using the MindScan assessment. Everything is consistent with the way we think and live. Our thinking pre-determines our behavior and results 100% of the time. Our MindScan helps identify small thinking, external thinking, fuzzy, or convoluted thinking that leads to unclear direction, lack of motivation, conflict in relationships, and scattered efforts. When we talk with you about your MindScan we pin point the areas where your thinking is effecting you adversely. Then we show you how to achieve a Winning Mindset.

Don’t just trudge through life, have joy and passion with your path!

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