Learn the Coach Approach


5-Steps to Coaching Your People Better


This class is for anyone who has the responsibility of coaching others.

This class runs for 6 months and meets bi-weekly for 90 min. Has limited seats.

There are 3 packages to this class. (see below)

Each person will be aligned with someone in class to practice coaching and being coached. You’ll be asked, to invite others to practice with at a later date.

You may request at any time a private session with me for an addition cost.

You will be given the coaching structure along with coaching questions. This process guides you thru the coach approach. No worries, no fretting, it’s all right there at your fingertips.


What I have learned along the way is that in most cases inside the world of business, being on the receiving side of coaching has brought mostly a negative experience for both the coach and those being coached.

From the coach’s view: You may be thinking, man, how many times do I need to cover this with this person? I don’t know what else to do to help them! I’m so burned out with leading these people. I lose sleep at night trying to figure out what to say and how to say what needs to be said to this person. Ugh! Why can’t they just get this? They always take what I say the wrong way! I hate making someone cry! I COULD go on and on and my guess is you could too.

From the one receiving the coaching’s view: I have my coaching with Mr./Ms. tomorrow. I always dread it and can’t wait for it to be over. I’m depressed and down on myself for two days after my so-called Coaching for Improvement, it’s more like, here this is we’re you are failing and please just fix it! I really like my boss, but they just don’t get what’s really happening here. Maybe I’m just not cut out for this. I feel like such a failure and a disappointment. To maybe even finding themselves becoming passive aggressive. I COULD go on and my guess is they could too.

So perhaps some of this is extreme, but if you’re here and you click on this topic, you want to become a better coach for your people.

In this 6-month class you will learn how to take a coach approach.

  • You’ll learn how you’re being received as the coach.
  • What shift and changes you need to make as the coach.
  • How to create more clarity for yourself and others.
  • More focus and excellence reaching desired outcomes.
  • Bigger buy in! Establishing ownership/responsibility in the roles we play
  • Coach effective systems/processes, including culture and environments.
  • You’ll learn to listen different that creates an environment with your people that makes them look forward to the next coaching.
  • Get them to coach themselves in the areas where they excel as well as where they want to grow.

 What if you could stop telling the same things over and over again? What if you don’t have to have all the answers? What if you and your people together become the solutions to all the challenges.

Yes! It is possible that you can go to bed at night excited to meet with the person you’re coaching tomorrow.  Yes! It is possible that your people have great respect for you and go the extra mile to be a part of your team?

Soul Coach Approach Package: The class only     $500

Soul Coach Approach with 1 per month private session   $600 for 30min / $700 for 2- 30 min