Team Coaching

I love bringing teams/groups of people together to coach, facilitate, and foster a “Championship Environment “that grows stronger relationships and values desired outcomes.

What will your team(s) learn and experience? 

  • Team Building Exercises are fun and showcase individual strengths/gifts each brings to the team. Creating an “All Hands on Deck” environment, better relationships, bigger perspectives, and complementing each other towards the common goal(s).
  • The coach, teaches and facilitates a five-part process that moves the team forward all on the same page.

This process develops better team clarity, a wiliness for the team to own desired outcomes, keep and or put systems/processes that support their success. Create more growth and momentum and win as a team.

Want to know more, request a “Meet the Coach” discovery call with Coach Lori by text or email.

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What’s involved? I will meet with key Leader(s) to whom the team reports to. During our time together I want to hear about your team. I have developed key discovery questions that assist me in making a proposal to Teach/Coach/Facilitate the team’s environment that creates better relationships and desired outcomes.