Cost of coaching

We all know someone who from a fairly young age knows what they want to do with their life. The rest of the majority of the population struggles with this most of their teenage years and on into many decades of a frustrating career.  A college education for a lot of people is their answer to their future. I speak with many a 17-19 year old signed up for college asking them their major, “unknown” they say.

Coach2Win’s career coaching combines a discovery process to understand your personality, interests, thinking patterns.  Focusing you on your work environment, industry and what matters most to you.  We all have gifts we have naturally, I believe they are God given myself. When we combine our gifts, interests, personality, and what really matters in our career;  we find a perfect fit.

Thousands of new jobs exist in our society that 30 years ago were not available.  Invest the time to discover where you are going.

Career coaching is an investment in you.  The process helps you discover your true master fit for a career.  College costs for a year between 9,000-35,000 for tuition alone. Many college bound young adults decide a career based on very little research, or worse yet only on income potential.  Many will finish school only to enter a career they feel unfulfilled frustrated and lost.  Taking the time to understand yourself and find your master fit is a huge savings in the long run.