Assessing Our Players’ Strengths

We use several assessments to help you discover your Human Greatness Potential:Mindscan

The Mind Scan

The Business Environmental Scan

With the help of our assessments, as your Coach gets to know you, you will see what you are capable of and where your Human Greatness lies. While respecting your individuality, history, abilities and resources, your coach will challenge you to do more than you expect of yourself. This is where it gets really fun and incredibly rewarding.

The Mind Scan

Everything is consistent with the way we think and live. Our thinking pre-determines our behavior and results 100% of the time. Our Mind Scan helps identify small thinking, external thinking, fuzzy, or convoluted thinking that leads to unclear direction, lack of motivation, conflict in relationships, and scattered efforts. When we talk with you about your Mind Scan we pin point the areas where your thinking is effecting your business or performance adversely. Then we show you how to achieve a Winning Mindset.

A Winning Mindset = Champion Play!

Developed by Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Robert Hartman, the Mind Scan assesses your thinking based upon how you rank two lists of 18 items. The results show how us how you think about empathy, self care, practicality, role awareness, structured direction, and self direction – all qualities of a Champion Player.Coach 2 Win uses the Mind Scan assessment with both Individuals and entire Business Teams.

The results of this assessment are used to tailor your coaching program, so we can help you discover how to play your Big Game even better. We help you capitalize on your strengths and manage your weaknesses to win more.

Best of all, the Mind Scan is Free!

1. Start by clicking on this link.

2. You will receive immediate results by email after completing your Mind Scan.

3. A representative from Coach 2 Win will call to set up a time to review the results of your Mind Scan.

The Mind Scan helps us help you. It gives us valuable information that trained coaches know how to use to help you play your best game. We start your coaching experience with the Mind Scan and then re-test you after 6 months to show you the new results. By coaching around the information the Mind Scan gives us, we know just how to help you will learn the mindset and practices of a Champion.nine enviroments

The Business Environmental Scan

Next, the Business Environmental Scan shows us where aspects of your environment are reflecting your thinking. When you become our client, we coach you how to implement the information in the scans to make significant changes in your environment, which in turn, informs your thinking. When those self-imposed limitations and non-working environmental aspects are exposed, they move into your sphere of influence, where you can make significant changes.

Our framework comes from this axiom: “The environment always wins.” That is both the good news and the bad news. We show you why. Our environmental scan and mind scan work together to set you up for the success you want vs. the success that you only dream about. When you become our client, you will see how these two work together to bring your internal and external world into sync.

If you want to Play Big, and be a Champion, we want to Coach you!