The Play Bigger, Play Better Playbook


 “If you are not playing a bigger and better game…. You are not playing at all!” ~ Coach Lori Botzcoaching


Our Coaching Method is a complete customized Game Plan or PLAYBOOK where each Play is modified to suit your Life or Business Game, and how you define Winning.

1. First, together, we Define Your Game: What do you want to accomplish? It is something you desire to have, to experience, or to accomplish? What does winning look like to you?


“A winnable game is right in the sweet spot between easy and challenging.” ~ Dave Buck, CoachVille


2. Next, we Assess the Player and the Playing Field: With the information gathered in our initial interview, plus our Mind Scan and Environmental Scan, we assess your skills, desire and mindset as a Player, and assess your environment that will affect your play also.

3. We Plan the Game: The coach and player build a strategy for the game. How could your skills be used to their fullest? How do you play this game to in order to Win? What does Playing BIG look like? Do you need to improve or learn certain skills? What is a Champion Mindset? How supportive is your environment? Is it fit for a Champion?

4. Play the Game: Just like in sports you have to get into the game and play! Bring your skill, your passion and your experience to the game and play full out. Your Coach will be ready to cheer you on, believing in you and watching for strengths and places to improve. You play at your best each day, giving it your best effort and using good sportsmanship. In other words, PLAY BIG!

5. Evaluate Progress: We take time to evaluate how you are playing the game. How is your energy? What is your Win / Loss ration? Wins become celebrations, and Losses are turned into learning experiences. Sometimes the Game needs to be re-designed, skills added, the environment tweaked or the mindset upgraded.

6. Manage the Game: Are there obstacles that must be dealt with? As a player you will meet challenges while in the game. A coach will help you make adjustments in behavior and/or mindset to meet these challenges and get back in the game.

7. Practice to Play Better: To get ready for a big game, players practice, and then practice some more — always with their coach’s expert guidance. We design practice sessions that build you up to handle whatever is affecting your game. Practicing to meet the challenges are part of playing any game worth the effort. As you play strategically and passionately, and play by the rules, you will play Better. As you get Better, you naturally want to Play Bigger too, because you see what is possible and how much fun it is!


Coach 2 Win’s powerful and strategic method challenges you and inspires you to play your own Game Better and Bigger!


8. Expand the Game: Players practice to get better at the skills and gain the confidence needed to play at a higher level. As players develop, they need bigger and bigger challenges to fulfill their desire for growth. A coach helps inspire an ongoing growth pattern. You will do more than you thought you could with the support of your Coach.

9. Coach the Environment: Winning is not just about skill, passion, talent, confidence, mindset and practice! It is also about the Environment in which you play — the Playing Field, so to speak. At Coach 2 Win, we use every possible angle to help you become the Champion Player we know you can be. You will want your to structure your Environment to support your best intentions VS. work against you. From the Environmental Scan we look for where further adjustments to your environment can be made to allow you to Play your A-Game.


This is how you learn to Play Better, and Play Bigger!


If Playing Better and Bigger is what you want, we want to Coach you!
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