Our Fans

My name is Natalie Garcia and I have been a business owner for over 10 years. I recently began working with Lori Botz for business coaching and have been beyond impressed every step of the way. As a business owner I often felt like I was on an island figuring out the best strategy in all areas of my business alone and after many years being on this island I decided it was time to reach out for advise from a business mind and invest in my business. Lori came highly recommended from a dear friend and so we began the process of getting to know each other to be sure moving forward would be the perfect fit for both of us. After we both had the opportunity to clearly define our needs and expectations we began diving in and immediately made progress. Lori has helped me strategize, organize, prioritize, and clearly define all that I do and want to accomplish. Her business coaching is comforting and produces immediate progress. We have set in place new systems, simplified processes, laid out desired results and set clear plans in place to achieve them. It is so comforting to have a clear vision AND a plan to get there. I’m so thankful for Lori sharing her gifts in this area and am blessed with the peace of mind that I am moving in the right direction. Thank you Lori for your time, effort, and expertise…I look forward to talking to you each and every week!!  Natalie


Coach Lori is a true innovator. With her help, my revenue has doubled every year since we began working together and I now have 28 full-time and 2 part-time employees.  Coach Lori excels at looking at each challenge with a unique, big-picture perspective and drills down to realistic solutions that make my business stronger. More than one of her ideas materially contributed to our strong brand identity, setting us so far apart from the competition and enabling us to “play bigger and better” than would ever have been possible without her.  I am so grateful to have Coach Lori on my team as I expand my business on a national level.   Arigato, Coach!      Deep bow,  Sensei Katherine Brandenburg


In just a short time, Lori has been an asset to my growth both personally and professionally. She is the person who adds another perspective while challenging me on my own thoughts. Every time I spend time with her, I am left with “homework.” The homework ensures that the plans we put in place become a reality. Lori has quickly taught me how to better play the game & win while doing it. I know that I am become a better team member because of Lori.   Caitlyn Guenther


Coaching with Lori has helped me grow as a leader with purpose and passion. Having always set goals focused on doing, I have found that being intentional about character and values has helped me grow, and empowered leaders within my organization. I describe Lori as a people builder, that quality sets her apart. Thank you coach Lori for growing me and giving new perspective to growth in our organization!
Molly Geil, PhD    ENVP Arbonne International


“Coach Lori Botz is a phenomenal coach. I have trusted her with my business needs and heartfelt values. She champions my best efforts and asks for more. She has a “no bull” approach that helps me face my challenges straight on. She acknowledges what is important to ME, and supports me to go for what is most important, vs. what she would do. She believes in me and sees in me what I miss or forget. I am grateful for such a cheerful, special, talented coach.” ~ Jessie Hipolit, MountainViewCoaching


“We view Coach Lori and Coach 2 Win with a special place in our hearts at Tomorrows Online Marketing.  We attribute our rapid growth, in part, to her coaching and helping me in transitioning from a small business owner to a true executive.  She pushes you, in a positive way, to expand your horizons as a business.  I truly believe that having a business coach, in today’s competitive environment, is like paying the mortgage.  You simply have to do it!  Go for it…you won’t be sorry”  Wayne Boesiger, Tomorrows Online Marketing


Working with Coach Lori Botz has been life changing for me. She has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally, and has challenged me in ways I didn’t think possible. The personal growth I have gained from coaching with Lori has been incredible. Her objective coaching and perspectives have helped me to make clear what is most important to me, and has also contributed to making some positive changes in my life. I am so blessed to be working with Lori! I encourage all of you to give it a try – for you, the best is yet to come!