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A great team is made up of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project. They are all in the “Pursuit of Human Greatness!” What is Human Greatness? It’s when your team members who are strategically place on a team creates such energy that it literally accelerates the strength of each team player to enhance the team as one body. Everyone is moved to a higher playing field with little to no effort.

What we deliver to our clients:
• A proven process to assess your current teams.
• Create a winning environment that will empower your teams.
• Placement of all the right team players.
• Develop and communicate the purpose and mission of the team
• Identify the core objective(s) the team needs to focus on and stay focused on.
• Team building exercises to create better communication, understanding, synergy, and of course, productivity.

Designing your Winning Business Environments
As the business owner you are the one who creates your business environment(s). What are business environments? They are you and everything about you, the people you hire, the people your going to hire, managers, sales reps., customer service, systems, marketing, finances, work spaces, equipment, safety, compliance, training, personal development, opportunities, planning, and communication.

It’s true “The Environment Always Wins!” Most businesses have built winning environments in some of the above mentioned environments but still lack in others. If you find yourself swatting at what’s bugging you all day long instead of getting done and being in the role your suppose to be in this is a great place to start.

Does your environment support you everyday? Does it allow you and your people to stay on task? Are you a fireman or woman, always putting out fires?

Let us show you what Coaching can do for your Team!
• Well get your perspective and the perspective of your people on what really going on in all your environments.
• Cover feedback in a confidential way that creates a safe environment for your people to feel free to share.
• Survey is tailored to your business.
• We roll up the information and present it to owner, board members, and mangers.
• Together we cohesively put together the steps and plan to transform the poor environments to support what you really want.
• Personal and team coaching can become a part of this process.

See Coach Lori on the Cover of Strictly Business Magazine:StrictlyBusiness-10August1 



Coach 2 Win can help your entire business play their Big Game through Team Coaching. Executives, managers, sales teams, and customer service representatives, just to name a few, can bring big benefits to your company. Success for each individual on a team means big gains for your business.

We set up practice activities to improve areas of skills needed for the group and for the individuals within that group. A winning game plan is developed individually for each client. We do not use a generic system, pushing each client into a certain direction. Rather, we set up a specific game plan based on your overall business objective and track individual and team success on a regular basis. This is a Winning Environment!